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LPL Computer Services

Telephone, remote access & on-site

As you would expect from any business trading for over 30 years we have a wide range of knowledge and experience cultivated from providing computer hardware and software support to our clients in East and North Yorkshire.

Whatever your concerns or issues we are happy to investigate them for you on our no fix no fee basis.

Some of the areas where we can provide help and support include:

  • General computer support, help and advice
  • Internet and computer security
  • Virus and malware detection and removal
  • Computer system restore
  • Data recovery
  • System hardware and software upgrades
  • Data backup solutions
  • Internet configuration
  • Wireless and cabled networking
  • Monthly on-site security checks
  • Problem solving
  • Pre purchase advice
  • Training

These services are always provided in the most cost efficient and convenient manner.

Sometimes clients simply need a little help that can be accomplished with a short telephone call. Where the issue requires a more hands on approach our secure remote access service allows us to connect directly with your computer to provide the help or resolve the issue without the expense or inconvenience of an on-site visit.

As IT needs grow we find many business clients utilising dedicated servers for those situations we are able to configure unattended remote access which provides the ability to maintain and support their servers without members of staff needing to be working at the machine.

Unfortunately from time to time issues will occur when we need physical hands on to resolve a problem for you. In these situations we will evaluate the issue and decide whether we can resolve the problem with an on-site visit or whether it would be more cost efficient to bring the computer to ourselves for repair.

Some issues such as system wipes, data recovery or virus removal can be time consuming and in those situations on-site rectification just isn't cost efficient for the client due to many hours of sitting twiddling our thumbs waiting for procedures and tests to complete. In these situations we would recommend that such issues are remedied at our premises where such waiting time isn't charged, in fact many of these procedures are performed at a fixed cost.

Of course we all know that prevention is better than cure and to help prevent issues occurring we do provide a monthly system and security check service providing a monthly (or period to suit you) on-site visit to perform security and maintenance checks providing you with the IT peace of mind without the expense of a dedicated member of staff.


If you have a situation you think we may be able to help you with why not give us a call for a friendly no obligation chat on 01377 236282.